July Shop Update

Hi guys! I'm back today with some very exciting things - a July Shop Update - YAY! This month I'm releasing three new products - one of them being a PHYSICAL kit - yes, it gets mailed to you, and who doesn't love that! The other two are digital stamps and cards. I have some general overviews and insights about the new items below but be sure to check out the shop to see them - or purchase them in full.

July Kit - 'Poolside'

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If you want to see this kit's inspiration, you can check it out here, and if you want to see this kit in use, be sure to check it out here.

A little bit about kits - These are a new monthly recurring item in the shop and they are physical products! I will be launching a new themed kit every month on the 16th. I really hope you'll join me in using them and the #thepapercuratorshop on social media! 

Above, you can see the overview of what you'll receive in the kit but keep in mind each ard and paper (aside from specialty foiled pieces) are double sided, so you will receive (20) 3" x 3" designs, (20) 3" x 4" designs, (8) 4" x 6" designs, (2) 9" x 12" designs and two specialty gold foil pieces, (1) 4" x 6" card and (1) 6" x 12" paper. In addition, you'll also get watercolor labels in two sizes (10) small, and (3) medium, and a package of gold confetti stars. 

July Release - Poolside Digital Stamps

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The digital stamp set this month is a wonderful way to help jazz up your project life. There's plenty to help you document the summer weather, and other activities you're partaking in! They're provided as PNG's so you simply open them up in Photoshop or an app on your phone like Letterglow and you can overlay them on your photos however you'd like!

July Release - Poolside Digital Cards

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This is the digital version of the cards from the 'Poolside' Kit. It includes the (20) 3" x 3" card designs, the (20) 3" x 4" card designs, and the (8) 4" x 6" card designs. You're provided with a high quality printable PDF with all the designs (including crop marks), as well as individual high quality jpeg's of each card. Simply open and print your favorites - or replenish your stash when your other kit runs dry! 


That about wraps it up for the July Shop Update! I really hope you'll consider purchasing something from the shop and sharing your creations on social media with the #thepapercuratorshop. Let me know your thoughts below, and let's get creating together! Thanks for stopping by lovelies!