New Year, New Plans

Hi guys! I got so wrapped up (literally) in the December festivities that I didn't plan too far ahead for my 2017 Project Life which is why I'm just now getting around to sharing my plans! I've prepped some cover pages for the front page of my album and each month's divider and I got my album ordered but who knew it was getting harder and harder to find 6x12 albums! What's with that?! I had to order an album color this year that I'm not too pleased with but I plan to remedy that with some leather paint and I'll share a DIY tutorial later this month for whipping your album into colored shape too! See below for my 2017 plans and goals!

New Year, New Plans for Project Life | The Paper Curator

New Year, New Plans for Project Life | The Paper Curator

2017 Plans

Like last year, I'm sticking to 6" x 12" for my weekly Project Life. I've found it's a magical size for me and although I'm still behind on my 2016 album, I'm hoping to start right away with my 2017 album and just pick away at last years so I don't fall behind on both years–let's see how it goes!

For my traditional scrapbook, I'm continuing with a 12" x 12" scrapbook where I'll insert multi-size pages. I just ordered some new 9"x12" page protectors too so I'm really excited to include more of that fun size! Especially since I love making those pages with the papers from my kits.

As far as life plans ... I'm continuing to work my regular 9 to 5 while being better at balancing my personal life and making time for those I love. This is all in addition to releasing new kits every month here and hopefully sharing more consistently on the blog. Last year I gave myself permission to cut back a little while I launched my new business venture–The Paper Curator Kits, and continued to live my life, but this year I really want to get back into inspiring you all with scrapbooking pages, new techniques, and fun DIY's I hope you'll love! Here's to 2017! 

2017 Goals

share more  |  complain less  |  read more  |  laugh more  |  pursue more  |  love more  |  
organize more  |  make less excuses  |  own up more  |  continue the successes of last year

These are just a few of the goals I'm setting for myself this year and I hope to achieve all of them with you guys by my side! I really appreciate all the successes of 2016 and I can't wait to see what 2017 brings us!