December Daily Prep

I–like many others around the world–am partaking in December Daily again this year and boy am I excited! I completed my little album from 2014 with pride and I love looking back on all the happy holiday memories. Last year, however, I was back in school and working–a combination of which was way more than a full time commitment–and I fell off the December Daily bandwagon with all my beloved handpicked supplies left to collect dust. Until now, that is! Since I had already chosen supplies, purchased a mini kit, and made a *somewhat* concrete plan last year, but didn’t have the opportunity to do December Daily, I am repurposing those plans and am excited to tackle the challenge again this year!

December Daily Prep | The Paper Curator

December Daily Prep | The Paper Curator

What are these *somewhat* concrete plans you ask? Well I’m going to break it down for you below so keep on reading to see what I plan on doing to help streamline and finish my December Daily mini album this year!



My goal for this December Daily is simplicity. The main component and structure enhancing piece of my plans this year is the 4” x 4” transparent number cards from Seven Paper. I love how transparencies interact and play with the other layers around them in an album and it’s an easy and consistent way to keep my album structured this year.

For content, I’m planning to limit my album to one photo (maybe two) per day and to pair each image with a full story or journaling about the day on the back. This will help to keep the structure consistent and easy to follow through on! It will also reduce bulk in the album since there’s not too much space in those little Instagram albums. For interest and fun, I plan to intersperse different layers and cards throughout for fun ‘December’ touches and to really amp up the tactile nature of the album.

For embellishments, I plan to keep it relatively simple (sounding like a broken record now!). This will come into play on the different layer additions I mentioned above, mostly, but I’m planning to also incorporate gold stamping and handwriting on my photos too. Isn’t that ink just dreamy!?

For actually tackling this album, I plan to print photos on Friday’s for the previous week to keep myself current enough to where I don’t fall behind but giving myself time to play around with editing, printing and digital elements as well. I plan to print all my images at home just to expedite the process and I’ll use my Epson WF-7510 wide format printer. They now have a WF-7610 but I just love the capabilities and quality of this printer. I usually lean towards matte paper which I will continue for this project because it’s easier to stamp on and won’t add additional glare to the images when in page protectors etc.

That wraps up my December Daily plans for 2016 but I’d LOVE to know what you’re doing this year! What supplies did you pick up? What album size are you using? How will you tackle completing the album in a timely manner? Drop me a line in the comments below!